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Braces: Day 3
Sunday, April 25, 2010 | Time: 8:07 AM


Just the other day, I forgot to display my parking coupons and to my dismay, I got summoned for the first time in my life. Sigh, I remember parking for only about 25 minutes or so, got back into my car and saw a summons kiap-ed under the windscreen wiper.
I was like "Huh? How come the summon guy so damn efficient one?"

Never mind, at least I learned a lesson from that ^^v

Okay so, since I will be enrolling into college in no time, I am starting to shop for stuff I will be needing. My college has two branches in Malaysia, one in KL and the other in Penang. Apparently, the food heaven is my choice. And oh, don't ask why I chose ATC over Brickfields. It just... happened ^^

Floral printed skirt =3

Jeans - Size 30?!
WTF can? Bet I'd be wearing size 35 in no time with all the local delicacies in Penang which is just to hard to resist!

Ouh, that strawberry thingy is actually a foldable recycle bag from Latun (awww)! Great, since "No Plastic Bag Day" campaign in Penang is running from every Monday to Wednesday! Go green!

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