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Braces: Day 1
Friday, April 23, 2010 | Time: 5:07 AM

It was 3.15 p.m. and I was ready to go to the orthodontist. I hurriedly got into my car as the appointed time was 3.30 p.m., but hell, shits happens and it happened to me, I was stuck in a traffic jam. By the time I got there it was already 3.40 p.m. -.- But fret not, the orthodontist wasn't there yet, hehe, so I sat on the bench reading while waiting for her to arrive.

Yep, this is the book I read, and will never finish reading -.-
Nevertheless, it's a good book. Recommended

So after a while, there she was, and I was called into the room. I started to feel the kancheong-ness that arose. The procedure was started off with teeth molding. Some kind of strawberry flavored molding material (I don't know what it is called), which was in paste form was pressed against the upper then the lower teeth of mine and left to harden before being removed. Next was scaling. Nah, nothing to elaborate about that.

Oh... by the way, there's something I wanna share with you guys. Apparently, there's a small piece of gum in between my two front teeth causing a gap to exist there. I was then informed, well, IT HAS TO BE CUT IN ORDER TO FIX THE GAP!!!

Argh, I'm not giving a damn. Cut all you want! Oops...

Huh, bo pian, oi leng em yiu meng.

Anyway, two, TWO frigging anesthetic injections were given, and thank God it wasn't painful having my gum cut. The next thing I know is I could taste blood in my mouth. Blah blah blah and blah, I got braces on my upper teeth and, urm I think that's all. Feeling sleepy and I'm off to bed now.Toodles.


P.S: Next appointment would be on next Tuesday.


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